Someone hacked me on twitter and i can't log in or change my password


My account @_JBieberxx was hacked on July 4 . The person who took it which is @justinobiebes, CHANGED my email, username and password to the account. I have PROOF that its my account, my email was the email associated with the account. I have notifications in that email that prove the account to be mine, i have screenshots of the account months prior to it getting hacked as well. I had 1.532 followers and now i can’t get them back unless support helps me. I’ve sent 4-5 support forms, and I’ve got no answer back .I have full proof of this account being mine. The username it is now under @justinobiebes but when you search that username it comes up as a different account, when you search MY account @_JBieberxx and you scroll down to “view more people” the hacker with my account is the first person. It would be very appreciated if twitter support would come through on their users for help.