Some video tweets not showing extended_entities



I’m using the REST API to index tweets by zib100 and I noticed that some of the tweets (which are definitely videos) don’t have an extended_entities field (using statuses/user_timeline.json) while others do. Examples:

Specifically I am using following API request: statuses/user_timeline.json?count=50&screen_name=zib100&trim_user=true&exclude_replies=true&include_rts=false

Is it possible to see how 785499082605428736 and 785865738762477569 differ from each other? I really need the video length.

Thanks in advance.


Add tweet_mode=extended to your API query per the new extended Tweets documentation.

Documentation on this is in the new extended Tweets page on (note that the replies changes described there have not yet been rolled out) - and this will be added across the endpoint documentation in future.