Some users can not log into Twitter. Android OS


About 20% of my users when entering through my app in twitter, see black screen or nothing happens. What could cause this error?
We thought it was wrong set time device, but it is not


I’m not clear on what is happening here. Are you using Fabric for Twitter login on Android?


We use twitter4j for Twitter login on Android


OK, is there any error code returned?

We love Twitter4j! but you might find Fabric provides a nicer route for doing Twitter login on Android as it doesn’t use the web login flow. As a bonus, Fabric can also provide Crashlytics for error reporting, which would help if there was an issue here.


No, just a black screen


Can you get your app to capture any underlying error code from the Twitter API? is the black screen in the web browser or in your app? I’m afraid I cannot tell what is going on here.

Again, I think you would find Fabric very helpful here.


Thank U.