Some twitter widgets on websites aren't showing tweets


I originally noticed that my Yootheme Widgetkit Twitter wasn’t showing tweets on any of my websites. It was just a blank module. And then when I went to look at other twitter widgets to replace my Yootheme one I noticed that they had gone blank too?!?

Any ideas on what I should do? Have twitter updated or changed something?



Unfortunately I’m not familiar with “Yootheme Widgetkit Twitter” so you might want to check back with them.

The supported way that we provide to add Twitter content to your website is the embedded timeline Twitter widget you can read about in our documentation.


The single Tweet and timeline views on the YOOtheme Widgetkit Twitter module documentation page does not use Embedded Tweets or Embedded Timelines, Twitter’s official way of displaying content. You should contact YOOtheme support to solve issues with their software.

Sites displaying the text of a Tweet on the page typically require a registered Twitter application to request data from Twitter servers. YOOtheme might include this functionality under a “Twitter Connect” settings module for reuse in comments and other areas.

You can create a new Twitter Embedded User Timeline widget and include the generated HTML inside a HTML widget in your CMS.