Some Twitter Cards show up, but not others


I recently enabled Twitter Cards to show up when we post a tweet with a link to our blog site. The URL was approved, and all the metatags are greenlit in the validator tool. And most of our Twitter posts with links to our blog are showing the Twitter Cards, including retroactively, but some strangely are not.

Is is necessary to validate each individual URL? It doesn’t seem like it, since Twitter Cards are showing up for posts that have blog links I didn’t run through the validator.

I thought at first the placement of hashtag and other links might be affecting this, but these two Twitter posts are exactly the same: same structure, same placement of hash tags, even the same hashtags. And they were posted consecutively on the same day. I tested both blog post links in the validator and they both pass. Yet the first one shows the Twitter Card and the second does not:


Hi, did you get anywhere with this? I’m having a related issue: my cards are approved and validated, but none show up at all (a common issue, it seems) as I’ve mentioned here


Me my team were facing the same problem.
We’re using Kentico for our football club website which is connecting to twitter. While we’re posting some news through Kentico, it will automatically tweet the news URL on our official twitter account and hopefully show its twitter card. But it just didn’t work out completely. Some of twitter card doesn’t appear even after several minutes waiting and refresh page for couple times. During these times we validate each news URL using card validator as the way out.
Sure we cannot do this the whole time.
Did you guys problem already solved?

Dear Twitter Staff,
Isn’t there any other solution for this?
Please kindly help.

Thank you.


My twitter cards are not displaying when I tweet. Though I have installed the code from delevoper site to my website header. But whenever I tweet, it only shows card with a small image and meta description. This is my url