Some Tweets not appearing in search api but appear in count


I am running into strange behavior where tweets that should appear in the premium search api are not. Here is a simple real world example.

The query is from:LegalAnalysis

For example, the following Counts request:

says there are 137 tweets matching this request (according to my records, there should be 127 but lets leave that be for now). Great. However, if I actually make the request:

the results array comes back completely empty.

I am finding other tweets missing but this is a good specific example where a clear search query is not. Any thoughts on what could be causing this?


I should add that I can confirm there are indeed tweets from this user on this date range on Twitter.

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Hello @guillermo,

Great question - Our premium APIs have a spam filter that removes high-confidence spam from the data endpoint’s payloads. This spam will, however, be included in the counts endpoint’s payload.