Some replies and retweets missing from GET lists/statuses


i’ve found some replies and retweets missing from GET lists/statuses API results.
I’ve read in User streams ( that:

By default @replies are only sent from mutual followings. All @replies by followings can be enabled with the replies=all parameter.

But there is no such a parameter in GET lists/statuses
Isn’t there any way to get all replies and retweets in GET lists/statuses?

Upcoming changes to the Lists API

I am not sure, but as far as I know there is currently no way to get all Tweets including replies to people the authenticated user is not following for lists.


Thanks ePirat but this contradicts my data.
Being authenticated I obtain results with replies from people i don’t follow.
The Streaminjg API hypothesis is more realistic, but in that case i can activate all replies with replies=all.
With lists/statuses there’s no such a solution and i can’t see any other one else.


Hmm interesting. I have not so much experience with the list API, so it would be great if some Twitter Staff member could clarify what is happening here.


I’ve found something that may be useful:

@Replies on lists
Replies work the same way for lists as they do for accounts. This means that if User A and User B are on a list and they mention each other, those replies will appear in the list. However, if only User A is on a list and User A replies to User B, that reply will not appear on the list.

If that is the case, why can’t i activate replies=all in lists/statuses as i can do in User streams?