Some render, some don't


Some links render cards perfectly, others I have to specifically go to the validator and valid the url’s manuall.

Perfectly working example:

Example Requiring I manually validate before displaying:

After manually validating each url that doesn’t display - one by one - they appear perfectly.
I don’t believe there are any robot.txt files preventing access - and the fact I can manually validate would seem to agree with that…



Well being as there is no support for twitter cards short of public support, and its very clear twitter cards are broken, I figure I will just keep updating this ticket with what I am learning in case it helps other users.

My problem seems to specifically relate to an issue between my site, bitly, and twitter.

When I validate a card it works perfectly. When I post, I use for tracking reasons. So on the posts that won’t display, I grab the twitter redirect url after I have tweeted and try to validate that.

It finds the meta tags, shows the url forwarding to my site, and then shows “Can’t render card”. I copy the url its trying to forward to and verify that, and it verify’s and renders perfectly… I try the twitter url again - and again it can’t render.

So I go back to the tweet in question and copy the bitly link. I toss that into the validator and it redenders perfectly, then I retry the twitter url and… it starts working.

So for clarity - these are the steps I have to perform to get twitter cards to display.

First - make my tweet.
Second - Copy the bitly link that redirects to my site.
Third - Copy the twitter link that redirects to my site.
Fourth - Get the actual url to my site.
Fifth - Validate my actual url in validator.
Validate the bitly link in the validator
Validate the twitter link in the validator.

And then that specific card will appear.

I have to do this to make about 40% of my twitter cards appear - the other 60% work perfectly.

First I test twiter url:

Then I validate actual url:

Then I validate bitly url:

Then twitter cards work: