Some errors as response in oauth/access_token



I am developing TYPO3 extension uses the adapter pattern to connect with Twitter. I have followed the steps in and other pages and forums, but I have a problem with this request. Now the authentication process is as follows:

  1. The url is generated correctly to log in on Twitter.
  2. In the callback url I get the outh_token and the oauth_verified.
  3. But at the moment of sending the oauth_verified by get access_token to to the account, it generates two errors.

In first case I have used POST

public function getAccessToken($oauthVerifier){
  $accesToken = $this->api->post('oauth/access_token', array("oauth_verifier" => "$oauthVerifier"));
  return $accesToken;

I get error with > code: 34, message: Sorry, that page does not exist

And if I use OAUTH

public function getAccessToken($oauthVerifier){
  $accesToken = $this->api->oauth('oauth/access_token', array("oauth_verifier" => "$oauthVerifier"));
  return $accesToken;

Generates a exception with message Invalid request token

I am using Abrham TwitterOAuth with PHP 5.6 and TYPO3 7.6


Using the oauth method is correct. Make sure when you build the TwitterOAuth object you include the request token and secret after the consumer key and secret.


Thank you, It was very helpful. I was creating the TwitterOauth object only with consumer keys. I have to create the object two times, and save the temporal tokens.