Some android devices cannot acquire Direct Message permissions



I am using the Twitter kit’s TwitterLoginButton.
(Twitter kit is the latest.)

Although most devices can successfully acquire DM permissions, it may not be possible for some devices (Xperia Z Android5.0 etc) to acquire it.

In that case, the DM confirmation does not seem to be displayed on the screen as shown in the image.
Also, even in this case, I have successfully acquire all permissions but DM permission.

Is there a good solution?


What version of the Twitter app are you running?


Twitter app version is 6.9.1.


Twitter for Android v6.36 and newer can grant permissions for all scopes of the Twitter API, including permission to request email addresses, and direct messaging. Older versions of Twitter for Android do not have the ability to grant these extended permissions. If the user is running an older version of the Twitter client and the permissions are required by your app one could prompt the user to update the Twitter app before continuing.