SOLVED: Reusing media_id with multiple tweets


I’d like to know whether I can reuse a media_id with multiple tweets.

I’ve noticed this question answered in multiple threads before…

But I’ve noticed an inconsistency with what is being said here and what I am experiencing on the API.

When I send a DM I do encounter the following error

There was an error sending your message: media id already used.

However it appears that I am able to reuse the same media_id multiple times when creating a Tweet.

Scanning the documentation there is explicit mention of only using one media id with one DM. However there is no such mention for tweets.

Has the specification changes at all since these above threads or am I experiencing something outside of specification?

Basically I want to know if I should expect to be able to reuse media_ids in the future!


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It is possible to attach the same media asset to multiple Direct Messages. However, you must get users’ express consent to set media as “shared,” and must provide them with clear notice that “shared” media will be viewable by anyone with the media’s URL. See the documented process below for how to set media to “shared.”

Did you set shared=true when you upload the image file in question?




Thank you for your response. I will give that a go for DMs. Thank you!

What I am most interested in however, is if the same media_id can be reused for multiple Tweet objects? Is this possible at all? I couldn’t find any documentation on the matter except for previous responses to threads which indicated it wasn’t possible. But I’ve been able to do it myself.



As long as you use a different tweet text for each, I think it does work with the same single media_id (plus, within an expires_after_secs period).


Okay. I’ll give it a go reusing the same media_id and report back.


Have been reusing the same media_id for images and videos for a week now and it’s working well! Problem solved :slight_smile: