Solved - Could not authenticate, error 32 for new signups ONLY


I have an application with around 200 authenticated users. Recent sign-ups authorise my app but then always get ‘could not authenticate : 32’ error message for whatever api call is made. Other users that signed up earlier have no problem. This has happened since about two weeks ago. Has something changed with the api? Thanks.


Can you provide some additional information? Your consumer key and an access token that this occurs with? (Please omit the secrets). Thanks!


Hi, thanks for replying.

My consumer key: 3xfPMz6Fp00VSlayqym1Q
An access token that doesn’t work: 528801360-BvIgUP0Fr9aimUSSqJdt5krAveTtYw7YeKtKh2M3
And one that does: 1151270977-Ykep4AsHOJsydnN5Gm1KFZpmmk5FTvA7nRhvhgo
(just for good measure)!


Thanks! I’ll look into this report with our engineering team.


Could you provide me an example of a failing request as well? The HTTP response you get back, the API method you’re requesting, and how it’s formulated?


Anything fails when I try it for the problem accounts. For example I test in the Oauth tool in my dev twitter account or if I try it with Postman or if I do a curl request from the command line I always get the same thing:
“errors”: [
“message”: “Could not authenticate you”,
“code”: 32

This returns a 401 status code.

The same is true if I do:



It turns out that the problem we were facing was as a result of the database schema. The fields containing the oauth_token and oauth_token_secret were not large enough and so I’m assuming that they were being truncated when persisted to the database.
When the fields were changed to VARCHAR(100) and the users re-authenticated the problem went away.


Thanks for the update, Nick!