[SOLVED] Card Validated, site whitelisted but no image in tweet


A typical (product) page on my site looks like this

…if (https://www.linkagephoto.com/autumn-at-skaha-9364-1236) is tested in the Twitter Card Validator, the preview looks great with summary and image. Also see “*.linkagephoto.com is whitelisted for summary card” If you click the tweet button at the bottom of the above page however, the tweet includes the page title only, no summary no image.

Any ideas or assistance appreciated.


So the link you’re sharing in the Tweet button is https://www.linkagephoto.com/hf and that validates fine. I’ve just Tweeted the link, and the card shows up. Note that the card will not show in the web composer, but as long as the link is included, the card will render in the final Tweet.


Thanks for the reply andypiper! If I tweet it, the tweet only shows the title, not the summary or image. Did the image show up in your tweet?


Oh wait a second. It appears the image and summary are there if ‘view summary’ is clicked on in the tweet. Hmmm, so that’s the only way it works I guess. Is there any way to set it up from my site to have the image appear without having to click ‘view summary’? For me personally, I can compose a specific tweet and include/upload the image but it doesn’t do me much good for a visitor to my site that tweets it.


In the Twitter mobile apps the card will show in the timeline. Today, you need to click view summary to see the card on the web. That’s the way it works.


Okay. Thanks Andy!

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