Social networks aggregator - display requirements



we are developing social networks aggregator and I would like to ask about tweets display requirements. For example let’s say there is “CNN breaking news twitter” and I want aggregate it’s tweets with “CNN facebook page” into one Timelines with some other RSS news sources. Is it possible to aggregate those two timelines into one?

Because in display requirements (, there is this:

“5. Timeline Integrity
Tweets that are grouped together into a timeline must not be rendered with non-Twitter content (e.g., comments, updates from other networks). However, this does not apply to timelines where Tweets are explicitly selected by an end-user to appear next to non-Twitter content (e.g., manually authored live blogs, manually curated media collections, or commenting systems).”

I’m not sure if this mean that I simply can’t do that. Because I googled and for example this app is doing something similar -

So can we do this aggregation?

Thaks a lot,