Social networks aggreagator - tweet display requirements



we are developing app which will aggregate social networks and other sources from news. For example, when there is a “CNN breaking news twitter” and “CNN facebook page” we want to aggregate those two timelines together plus some online news sources to only one timeline. Is that possible according to your policy?

We don’t know if we are understand your display requirement properly (

“5. Timeline Integrity
Tweets that are grouped together into a timeline must not be rendered with non-Twitter content (e.g., comments, updates from other networks). However, this does not apply to timelines where Tweets are explicitly selected by an end-user to appear next to non-Twitter content (e.g., manually authored live blogs, manually curated media collections, or commenting systems).”

Does this mean that I cannot aggregate someones twitter together with other social networks to one timeline? For example I googled this app -
We want to do something very similar like on the picture. Is that possible to aggregate twitter like that?

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Thanks for reaching out for clarification. Per Twitter’s Display Requirements ( you cannot aggregate twitter and non-twitter content together in a timeline so combining CNN’s Twitter and Facebook content would violate this policy.


Srry, but why there are so many apps which do this…

For example: (nice example of using their stream app is here -

or HTC BlinkFeed app ( - 100 000 - 500 000 installs)

So are you telling me that all of this companies like HTC violating your rules? Or do you have some kind of agreement with them? I really need to know that, because your restrictions really kill user experience for our app. And since our competitors can display tweets in user friendly way alongside non-twitter content with no problems, it’s killing not only our user experience but also our whole project.



If you notice apps that are violating Twitter’s policies please report them at via the ‘I’d like to report an application causing spam or abuse’ category.


But it says, “However, this does not apply to timelines where Tweets are explicitly selected by an end-user to appear next to non-Twitter content”. If the user had the option to click a button and group twitter content with other content, would it comply with the display requirements?