Social media manager tool company - Am I safe moving forward?


Hello, I’ve been working on a social media management tool company over the last 11 months. While keeping up with my competitors and Twitter’s API rules, I’ve noticed that not all Twitter apps follow them. This company is a long-term play for me, I’m not looking for a quick money grab. With that said I’m wanting to comply to all of Twitter’s API rules to the best of my abilities. The API terms of service is a lot to read, and I’ve looked over it a few times, however I’m wanting to ensure our features are allowed.

A few quick notes: I wrote a similar post to this in October of last year, however a lot of our features have changed since then. I’m also leaving out a few features that I know are allowed such as Tweet scheduling.

Tweet recycling (May not be allowed)
Our users will create a collection of Tweets that will be put into a queue. Every X hours (1-99) a random Tweet will be selected and posted. A Tweet won’t be reused until all Tweets are used, at which time the queue will be reset to it’s original state. This would be useful for accounts that post similar content frequently (such as food, fast cars, etc.)

Tweet library (Should be allowed?)
Our users can check a box to have Tweets published/scheduled (From the “Tweet scheduling” feature) saved to their “content library”. Our users can view their content library to “reuse” Tweets. The only thing this is really doing is saving published Tweets to our database when our users want them saved.

Comment messenger (Should be allowed? I think?)
This feature might seem odd, but it allows our users to send more information about a Tweet’s contents to those who request it. 140 characters isn’t always enough when promoting a product/service. Our users will set up “trigger keywords”. If any Twitter user replies to our user’s Tweet with the “trigger keywords”, then the replying user is sent a pre-written direct message by our user’s Twitter. For example: Our user sets up a comment messenger and has the keywords be “More information” (The Tweet must contain the keywords, for example “Reply with “More information” for more info in a DM!”.) The DM will ONLY be sent once, and ONLY to Twitter users who REQUEST it via replying with the specific keywords that our software will force to be in the Tweet.

Put simply: Twitter users will request more information via a DM by replying with specific keywords specified in the original Tweet. The DM can only be sent once per user, so it will never spam or do anything similar. With this said I believe this should be allowed.

Giveaways (Should be allowed?)
Our users can schedule “start” and “end” Tweets with specific requirements for their giveaways: Must be following, must retweet, must like, must reply. Whenever a Twitter user completes all of the requirements specified, they’re Twitter ID will be added to a list of possible winners. Our user can pull a winner whenever they want to, or have an “end” Tweet get posted with information on who won.

Platform linking (Should be allowed)
Similar to “IFTTT”, our users will be able to “link together” their social media accounts. If you Tweet it may be able to be posted on their Facebook. Or if they post on their Facebook it may be posted on their Twitter (if it’s less than 140 characters of course). This allows our users to post to multiple social platforms at once.

Audience analyzing (Should be allowed?)
Our users will be able to analyze their followers. We’ll create a graph that displays when they’re followers are most active. This way our users will be able to post content that will reach the largest amount of their following

Who to follow (May not be allowed?)
Our users will be able to specify a similar account to them, in my company’s case we could select “Hootsuite”. Our users will then see the target account’s most recent 1,000 followers. They can filter further by phone/platform type, if they have a default profile picture or not, and a few other things. The list will have a follow button, a Tweet to button, and a link to their profile next to each name. This feature won’t let them follow people too fast because our app will get rate limited. This will allow our users to find ideal customers and attempt to contact them. I believe companies already do this by just by using Twitter’s search feature. For example I once Tweeted about running out of data on my phone, and Sprint replied trying to sell me their plans of unlimited data.

Any input would be awesome, even if it is just a simple yes/no for each feature from an official Twitter employee.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!