Social Hub Application including Twitter support


Hello, my name is TNTworks, and im a developer who has nice idea for a website, but i am not sure if it violates any rules of twitter, so I am asking my question here. I already read about Twitter Brand rules and how Tweets should look like on websites.

My vision is a website, a social hub, mostly for gamers, and fans of popular gamers. The core idea is a place where all messages, images, tweets from all kinds of social media meets and are rendered on a single page. The page is only used to render the tweets, public only, tweets from twitter are only rendered with ability to open/redirect to the same tweet on twitter where users can interact with tweets, basicly reply to them, favourite and so one.

My question is, if its allowed to use API to get latest tweets from user on twitter, and render them on my website, alongside with messages from other social media. Each tweet has included date, time, avatar, name, username and link to corresponding tweet on twitter, + twitter logo on side showing the message was posted from twitter.

Thanks for response, this is my first post on the forums. Sorry for horrible english :smile:


This sounds fine for me, can’t find anything that would violate Twitters ToS or Developer Agreement, but I am not from Twitter Staff. Maybe @andypiper can comment on this?


Alongside would probably be OK, as long as it is not part of the same timeline. The relevant part of the guidance is in the Display Requirements, under Timeline Integrity.


Thank you for reply.

The feature for mixing the timelines was my initial idea, but I decided to not include that. But what if user wants to merge them? By default that setting would be disabled.


If you’re doing it automatically then it breaches that policy, but if the user specifically adds the content into the same timeline manually then that’s fine - again I think the Display Requirements are pretty clear on this.


Sorry, I did a typo. Correct is “By default that setting would be disabled. Users chooses if he wants to mix Twitter with other social media”.

Thanks for help.