Slow video uploads (3 minutes for 30Mb, vs 10 seconds for Facebook)



We’ve started offering video support, and our first tests with longer videos failed, due to speed issues.

We have a 30Mb video (854x480, 1:51 duration), hosted on AWS S3 in Ireland.

Uploading it to Facebook in repeated tests takes about 12 seconds, using the FB PHP SDK.

Uploading the same video to the Twitter media/upload endpoint consistently takes 170 seconds (using Abraham’s twitteroauth PHP SDK).

Given it takes an additional 10-15 seconds before the media/uploads STATUS returns state = “succeeded”, this means it takes over 3 minutes for our script to complete.

I’m worried how long it will take for a 140 second video at 1280x720 resolution?!

Any comments as to whether this is normal, or could be improved (by us, or future Twitter updates)?