Slow and poor developer support for my app


I had my app suspended, created a ticket, and finally heard back from a “rgenkins” a week later. He told me my app was too similar to an older app I had created. I have done lots of development work on the new app (they are different) so I asked him kindly if he could instead suspend the old app and reinstate the new app. But now I’m not hearing anything back from him. For all I know, he could have closed the ticket and I’m writing emails to nothing.

I am very unsatisfied with the support on this issue, ticket #11324812. Could someone please just pull up my ticket and tell me the status of it? I’d like to know if it’s been closed prematurely without a resolution or if my request can be accomplished.

Thanks so much for your help!


Also if @Truebe is the one who responds to this and isn’t just a cookie cutter response, then he deserves a raise :slight_smile: