Slight discrepancies in spend between API and UI


When comparing total spend reported in campaign stats through the API, we’re seeing slight discrepancies starting on Feb. 7, ranging from <1% to about 2%. Is there any known reason that the spend reported by API and UI could differ for the most recent several days? e.g. accounting for refunds due to bot activity, delay in reporting through the API etc.

Edit: after refreshing our data and checking the UI again, it’s from the 9th. Consistently the difference is observed for ~ the past 2 days, then the numbers match.


Hi @bmorrismz,

This is expected behavior. The billed_charge_local_micro metric is considered an estimate until 9am in the advertiser account’s local timezone 3 days later. Until then, this metric can
decrease due to credits for overspend (ads served after the given end_time) and for billable events that are determined to be junk.