I am building an app that has to integrate with twitter. It will let users add twitter accounts and search keywords too. I want to receive live-stream of the keywords that the users added and the mentions / messages (if the user enables) . There can be a lot of users with a lot of twitter accounts + search keywords.
Is the Site Stream correct way? Control Streams? I am a little confused. Will It need to open multiple connections if there are a lot of users?


Site Streams is a closed program and you will not be able to use it.

If you want live streaming data across a range of accounts I’m afraid this is a commercial option available via Gnip. The public API is not appropriate for “a lot of users with a lot of twitter accounts + search keywords.”.


Thanks for your response. Here is the similar thing that I am creating:

Convert tweets and direct messages (DM) into support tickets.

Can you suggest if the only way is GNIP ?


If you’re interested in Customer Service solutions on Twitter that’s certainly something that is part of our initiatives around Gnip.


thank you for letting me know.