SiteStream - user disconnection not notified



Helo TwitDev,
We are using user,site and search REST API’s. While using site stream we face some inconvenience …

  1. I initialise a site stream with 100 users (assume 90 are valid and 10 are not valid/not authenticated). In this case, in the following http response I do not get which users are connected and which users are not disconnected for some reason. It would be nice to have a json response with succeeded users list or failed users list with failure message.

  2. When a user registers for a site stream, we are receiving tweets fine. Rarely, for few users we are not receiving tweets… so we assume that twitter has disconnected that user from site stream … so we attempt to add again. Well, this is a pain… twitter should automatically sync users and let us know about the disconnected users.

  3. No REST api to check if a particular handle is valid or not. Or to check if a particular handle is connected in a specified stream. Please consider to provide one.



Hi @rakesh_raining, if you are using the SiteStream then you are a part of the closed beta. Your team should have have direct access to a partner engineer resource within Twitter. Please check with your team and contact us directly. Thanks!


Thanks @joncipriano will check.