Sitestream not containing expected status


We are using sitestreams and when we expect to receive a status in our streams it mostly is an error in our processing. However, this week it seems that one status was never pushed to us through the sitestream connection.

We noticed this for one status update, but it might occur in other cases as well so I wondered whether somebody can verify if this status was pushed to us or not and why not? I 'd like to figure out what happened so that we may choose how to prevent this from happening again.

I 'd be happy to provide more information, like the full status update and our sitestream account details, by email.



It is extremely difficult to determine where a specific Tweet was streamed. Aside from making sure that you were connected at the correct time, and that the user you were connecting on behalf of was following less than 10,000 users (see for info) there’s unfortunately not much we can do after the fact.