Site whitelisted, tag founds but image not showing



Hi, in image for twitter card is not working, all info in the twitter card validator is ok, but the image is not showing.
Any idea? Help is more than welcome. Thanks


Have you checked the troubleshooting post including checking whether the images are blocked by a local robots.txt file?


Yes, I was just reading this post. I think to disable hotlink can solve the problem. Thanks a lot


Hello! Can you help me with the same problem? I have a page:
Validator says OK, but image for twitter card doesn’t work. I’ve just made some changes in our robots.txt file. And now I need Twitterbot to index our website? Or maybe you can give an advice how to fix this problem?


If your page was cached by the crawler than it may take up to 7 days for this to be refreshed as described in the troubleshooting information. I’m not certain that a GIF is permitted as an image type for cards, I almost always see PNG and JPG being used on other sites. An animated GIF like the one you’re linking to is certainly not going to work. If your intent is to provide some kind of animated content you should use a player card with a video stream URL.

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