Site Streams limited to single connection now?



Since the DDOS meltdown our site stream connection has limited us to a single server logon/single connection. Additional servers eventually receive a "Returned by the Streaming API: Too many login attempts in a short period of time. Running too many copies of the same application authenticating with the same account name. Exceeded connection limit for user "

Additional servers handling the streams are disconnected. It is almost as we are getting connected to User stream instead of Site stream. Did something reset after coming back from the DDOS attacks?


Issues reported with Streams since 10/21

We are seeing this too that subsequent streams are being disconnected

They do appear to eventually connect after retrying. Adding delays doesn’t seem to help. Just retrying in my case


There seems to be many problems right now.


Hi, Twitter!

Any response to these issues?



Opening a single thread to bring these discussions together.