Site Streams for push notifications?



I need to setup push notifications for my new app, so I discovered Site Streams, which sounds like it’s what apps such as Twitterific and TweetBot are using to provide push notifications.

At the top of the page it says “Site Streams is currently in a closed beta. Applications are no longer being accepted.”, but at the bottom of the page there is actually an application submission form, which I’ve filled in and I’m now waiting for a response on.

I’m wondering if I’m likely to be granted this, or if I’m even looking at the right thing. Is there another way that 3rd party apps usually achieve this?



Site streams applications are no longer being accepted and the program is completely closed. I’m not certain whether Twitterific and TweetBot are using them for their notifications (I think the TweetBot team in particular did a lot of bespoke work to build their analytics and push backends, considering there’s no public API support for some of what they are providing - you’d have to check with them). At various times we’ve looked at removing the site streams references from the documentation, but there are still a few applications using them that we need to provide support for.

At the moment there’s no solution in the public API for notifications - you’d have to dig into what other apps are doing to achieve the same thing.


They probably are using Site Streams as it’s the only way to get Direct Messages in bulk for authenticated users.

If DMs aren’t important you could probably track those screen names looking for their mentions coming through using statuses/filter