Site streams - changes to response codes and messages?


Hi there,

Until recently (last night?) when you attempted to make a connection with several user ids that have all revoked their tokens, the response was a code of 400, with the response body of “No authorized followings found for your request”. This was a nice clear message that could be responded too appropriately.

It seems that this was changed, and now the response can be one of these two:

Code: 400 Body: Bad Request
Code: 404 Body: Not Found (I’ve checked the user’s haven’t removed themselves from Twitter)

I think 400’s also occur in some other circumstances, perhaps when your infrastructure is overloaded.

I’m not sure if this change was intentional? The previous messaging seemed more useful and more specific. Are you able to offer a more easily identifiable message for when a connection attempt is made with only users with revoked tokens?




I guess further to that, if it’s used in other scenarios, it would also be helpful if a 400 - Bad Request gave more detail about what was bad, so if it’s a problem with the client, it can be identified and resolved.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for pointing this out – this was a bug with an underlying system SIte Streams depends on that was being turned up. The error messages you’re already use to should be coming back in the next ten to fifteen minutes.


Hi Taylor,

It looks like the old familiar error messages are back. Thanks to your team.

I’d like to note one that’s a bit unusual - I referenced it above in the first message as suspecting it occurs when your infrastructure is overloaded, but now I have a copy of it again.

It’s a status code of 400 and body: “Must specify some user_id to use add_user or remove_user, e.g. user_id=1,2,3,4”

This happens occasionally when valid user ids are provided. i.e.