Site stream not following all requested users



Starting at around 9pm to 10pm GMT yesterday I noticed that site streams started behaving strangely. I also noticed a number of other connected apps having similar issues such as Tweetbot and Echofon with their push notifications (although I don’t know if it’s the same problem exactly)

When I send a follow parameter to the initial 100 users it seems to only return a friends id response for a handful (often a maximum of 3 or 4) of those users. It also doesn’t appear to actually be processing requests for the missing users either.

It’s also not that the other users have revoked access as my account is one of them.

If I just follow a single account i.e. my own, it follows perfectly.

Any issues at all?


Hi Richard,

I wanted to add my voice to your issue; we’re experiencing the exact same issue. It’s been a frustrating morning as our staging server with very few active accounts on it has been working fine, whereas production has not been acting properly.

It’s been a painful morning trying to reconcile why one system works perfectly, and the other looks like it is… but isn’t :wink:

We’re typically ending up with 14 users per site stream. This is after the initial connection attempt with 100 users, and then the various requests made scaling that up to 1,000.


Would like to echo the same problems here, from around 9pm GMT the site stream API has been behaving strangely and we are seeing drop in the the tweets delivered by the API. Almost 75-80% of the users added onto the connections seem to be ignored and no activity is coming down for these users.


Anyone got any solutions yet?


I’m sorry you’re running into issues with site streams.

Can you let me know if you’re still experiencing this problem as of about 20 minutes ago? (11:30am pacific)


This should be fixed now, can you guys confirm that the situation is back to normal?


@episod @frogintehvalley Thanks, am testing now. Early signs are looking good.


@episod @frogintehvalley it’s looking good from here. Many thanks!


Confirmed, working well - thank you so much!


Thanks for the update guys.


Everything back to normal here too. Thanks for the fix.


Hi I just wanted to say that I’ve started seeing this problem again today.

The friends id list isn’t coming back for many users in a stream and it’s not following them. Again it’s easy to test as my user ids aren’t following