Site not being whitelisted, not displaying cards



Ok, I’m pulling my hair out at this point. I’ve checked the code, read through the pinned post up above and checked the suggested things in there, searched the forum, etc and I can’t seem to figure this out.

The site in question is

Twitter cards are not showing up for any tweets. All that shows up is a truncated URL.

When I run links through the Validator, I get the following message:

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 2 metatags were found
WARN: Not whitelisted

It’s a WordPress site and we’re using the Social Warfare plugin (as well as Yoast SEO). I’ve checked the settings in both of those and they play well together and are set up correctly per step by step instructions.

Sample blog post is here:

The Twitter card markup on the pages is:

meta name=“twitter:card” content="summary_large_image"
meta name=“twitter:title” content="Everything You Think You Know About Healthy Eating is Wrong (And It’s Making You Fat And Tired)"
meta name=“twitter:description” content=“Your diet may not be as great as you thought! Learn how to adjust your healthy eating plan, see better results and feel better faster.”

<meta name="twitter:image" content="" meta name="twitter:site" content="@grengahealth"

What are we missing that is causing this not to work? I checked Robots.txt, the host says they’re not blocking Twitterbots, the markup seems correct. So can’t figure out why it’s not validating and displaying.

Thanks for any assistance with this.


Something strange is going on with your site when it is retrieved using the Twitterbot user-agent. I don’t know how to help you to diagnose that.

$ curl -A Twitterbot
<br />
<b>Fatal error</b>:  Call to undefined function is_user_logged_in() in <b>/home/grengahe/public_html/wp-content/plugins/xslt/xslt.php</b> on line <b>50</b><br />


Thanks for checking Andy. I tracked that error down to a plugin that was installed (“Better RSS Feeds”) and disabled it in the system. Now when I try use the card verify tool, it seems to be fetching data finally, but still gives me a warning:

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 31 metatags were found
INFO: twitter:card = summary_large_image tag found
INFO: Card loaded successfully
WARN: this card is redirected to

Additionally test tweets still do not show the card image. Where do I go from here to rectify that?

Thanks again!


Just Tweeted it from a test account and the large image summary card shows up fine.


Thanks. Just did the same from our end and it looks like it’s working again! I guess the issue I had earlier where it wasn’t showing up after the fix was cache related.

Thanks again for your assistance. The error message you posted from the Twitterbot user agent was instrumental in helping to narrow down the issue and solve it. You’re awesome.


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