Site and Creator tags not being respected


WHen I run this link through the validator I am getting a different result than when I post that same link to my twitter feed. In the validator the site and creator are correctly listed as @standingwoo. However, when it is on my feed the site is which is not what I expected.

Screen shot of the 2 results side by side.


We keep a cache of cards data for a week, so what was displayed was much likely data we got before you modified the page.
Entering the URL ( from your tweet ( in the validator and waiting a few minutes for things to get updated updated the card on your tweet.


The link has only existed for about 24 hours now and I can guarantee that the link did not change after it was posted to twitter. I also have no idea where the ‘socialToaster’ authorship information came from since at no point did this link ever have metadata indicating that socialToaster was the author. Are you caching information about each link or about the user or posting app? We will likely use the same app to post tweets with multiple authors, is this not feasible?