Single-user OAuth with Fabric



Is possible access to API with Fabric like single user oauth? I have generated the acces tokens:

I not found examples de Fabric with this method, but there are with others libraries:



Hey @edu_gimenez,

Do you mean access the Fabric Dashboard or log a user into Twitter?



Application auth was removed in Twitter Kit 2.0 since it isn’t appropriate for mobile applications (rate limits are too low). Guest auth should be used in place of application auth. See: for accessing the API directly.


I mean a login user in twitter with single access token. According to:

This is ideal for applications with single-user use cases. You shouldn’t ever share the combination of your OAuth consumer key, secret, access token, and access token secret.

By using a single access token, you don’t need to implement the entire OAuth token acquisition dance. Instead, you can pick up from the point where you are working with an access token to make signed requests for Twitter resources.


Guest auth doesn’t allow home_timeline for example, but I understand that with single access token yes.


Home timeline should work with user authentication. You can extend twitter-core to add new endpoints for home timeline. Using application auth will likely cause your users to receive rate-limiting error.