Single-User Application Authentication



I’m developing a C# Twitter application, and I’m having an issue with the authentication component. My application use my personal account, not on behalf of anyone else, just me. Under my application settings in twitter, I am given the consumer key & secret and token key & secret. When I read the Twitter documentation regarding single-user authentication, it points me to a page that essentially says “use these Twitter libraries to make use of these values!” instead of telling me how to use them–it’s a big circle otherwise. I looked at the PHP and C# source code for the projects they recommend to use but they’re both outdated, and both projects insist look elsewhere for newer Twitter libraries.

Again, I have the consumer key & secret and token key & secret, I just want to be connected. I already implemented one of the Twitter commands that sends a tweet but I don’t see any documentation on how to connect in my situation. I have built all the necessary capabilities to produce commands, they can generate the Authorization header as well along with everything else but I still cannot connect. I even ran the code in the debugger with some sample data from Twitter guide and my output matched theirs.

I don’t need 3-legged authentication or on behalf of any user, I have all the values already!