Single Uploaded Image/media Id use in multiple scheduled post after delete one post...Images gets deleted from both posts


Please help if it is possible.
Steps :

  1. Upload Media and get idea_id. For Example - 2531655770184108
  2. Scheduled post/tweet ABC with uploaded image
  3. Create one more Scheduled post/tweet XYZ with same image ID.
  4. Now delete XYZ post…
  5. Image will be also deleted from post ABC.

Why image is deleted from another Scheduled post/tweet.

Ravi Sharma


This is because the image itself only exists once (mediaId) so if you delete the Tweet it is attached to, the media is removed from the platform. This is expected behaviour.


But in that case my another Scheduled post/tweet will be failed because same image is using in another scheduled post as well. And at the time of another Scheduled post, It is giving an error: “media is not available.”

It is an issue.


What are you using for scheduling here?

mediaIds also have a defined lifespan during which they can be attached to Tweets. This is usually a 24 hour window. If you need to use the same image again you would have to re-upload it later.