Single tweet embed limit



Is there a maximum number of single embedded tweets a page can have?


Not that I am aware of. Are you seeing an issue of some kind with a large number of embeds?



I have a client that wants 260+. Please don’t ask me why, I don’t know why they want to do this.

It is basically a single page where they can dynamically load the tweets. somewhere after 160+ the embed stops initializing, The blockquote gets a class “twitter-tweet-error”.

any help will be appreciated



Thanks. Will look into this and see if there should be something we need to document as a specific limit.


thank you


Confirmed that there is no limit - the only real limit is one of performance, the CPU and memory available to your browser. With 100s of Tweets this may well not be a great experience, but we do optimise our JS as much as possible. There are details for some options you can use to improve things yourself, here in our documentation.


We’ve seen that some browsers may have an upper limit on how many iframe elements they will handle in a single page (Safari used to stop at 500-something, for a while). It’s possible that you’re hitting something like that. (We try to use Shadow DOM containers in browsers that support them, but iframe is pretty prevalent still.)

Can you link us to an example page so we can debug the source of the error?

Another option for displaying that many Tweets would be to use the Collections API to create the set of Tweets on the backend, and then an embedded timeline to display them. It’s a slightly different display, but could be much more efficient for you.



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