Single-account token "access level" can't access direct messages?


We have a daemon application that accesses a single Twitter account to retrieve direct messages as an application gateway (for Evernote).

The recent permissions changes broke our application’s ability to access direct messages in our account.

I went into the developer settings and changed the application so that it now wants direct message access. It says:

“Access level Read, write, and direct messages”

But the “Your access token” section at the bottom of the page doesn’t reflect this change. It still says:

“Access level Read and write”

I tried resetting the keys, but that just changed the OAuth values, and the self-access token didn’t change.

How can I reset the access token that permits our app to access our own single account? I’m very nervous about trying to revoke the access entirely from within the account’s own application listings page, since I’m not positive that I can re-connect these without building a whole OAuth UI for this simple access case.



We have an issue we’re working to resolve right now with regenerating access tokens created through the my access token feature. You’re right that previously generated tokens retain the same permission level they were granted at the time of creation (in this case RW). When we resolve our issues with the my access token feature, you’ll be able to negotiate a RWD token from the my access token feature after revoking your token’s previous access.

Until then, the web-based OAuth flow is your best bet to canonically negotiate a token with RWD access. There are many tools out there that make that process easier to accomplish without programming for your own API keys, including the OAuth Dancer and Twurl