Since/Until using SEARCH API


I find the since and until pulling the data very strange.
My query is to pull tweets from @Patriots for the range query.setSince(“2019-02-02”);

I find that the oldest tweet and latest in the below times. Why is it showing up like this. Am I missing something.

Fri Feb 01 19:00:15 EST 2019

Sat Feb 02 18:30:09 EST 2019


Can you help us to understand more clearly the exact nature of your query? Is this a standard API request, or premium? Are you asking for a greater volume of history?


I’m guessing the issue might be TimeZones - all tweet timestamps in the API are UTC, so use that timezone when querying - you’re looking at tweets in EST so they look “wrong”


That was spot on . I realised that after I shutdown for the day !
If I had to find the tweets in US timezone say EST how should I adjust the past X days of my query because I want to account for the entire day and not just partial.


I got the reply . It was the STANDARD API using twitter4j.