Simulate controle channel



Hello together,

i have searched in the terms of usage and guidelines, but there is nothing that will fit on my problem, question.

At the moment I plan on writing a scientific paper about botnets and how to identify and track their mechanics. As you know Twitter is one used possibility for controlling bots. To reproduce this mechanics and to distinguish this traffic from normal twitter usage it would be necessary to create an account and simulate a bot which is listening to only this account.

There will be nothing that violate your terms of usage and guidelines, form how I understand it. Everything will run on a virtual test environment at my university (I study IT-Security in Germany and its my final thesis). So will be a complete legal background with the objective to identify bots. No Twitter User will be affected.

So my question is it allowed to create an account for this propose an simulate a very, very small control channel, with under five tweets per day (a simple hex string). And a bot which is checking only this account once per day. I write this just to be on a save side and again this paper is about to make the internet a safer place and is coordinated with my university. In hope to get a permission for this use case or at least an email contact to explain it exactly. Nothing in the support center or FAQs matched.

Thank you for your help


Generally speaking, bot research of this nature could be assumed to be “monitoring or measuring Twitter’s services” and this is not permitted under the developer policy or agreement. I suggest you consider your use of the API under these terms.