Simplifying the approval process for Player cards



In March 2015 we relaxed and removed the whitelisting process for the majority of Twitter cards, moving this to an automatic process. However, Player cards on Twitter have always required a whitelisting application process in order to be displayed, and this has been applied on a domain-by-domain basis.

We’re excited to share that we will shortly be moving all Player cards to an automated process that removes the whitelisting requirement and therefore reduces the friction in adding Player cards to your web pages.

Please note:

  • we have recently removed support for “stream” type Player cards (those that previously used twitter:player:stream properties) and have updated the documentation and our sample code.
  • please refer to our Player card sample code for reference on the expected and supported iFrame configuration for Player cards going fowards.
  • the Player card documentation will be updated more comprehensively in the coming weeks.