Simple way to upload video (Java)



I want to upload video on twitter through Java. I have find the code in this link but I want to know if there is a possibility to upload the video using twitter4j. If not, is there any other java code example to do that?


It looks like there is an outstanding pull request to add this to Twitter4j. You could try patching your build.


Thanks for your reply. So I must edit my twitter4j-core by downloading the new one. Is that the right way? And how can I use that? For example for the image this is how I procede.

        StatusUpdate statusUpdate = new StatusUpdate(text);
        statusUpdate.setMedia("New pic", new URL(photo).openStream());

        twitter.updateStatus(statusUpdate.inReplyToStatusId(tweetId));"Successfully updated the status in Twitter (image).");

How can I do it for the video?


We don’t officially support third party libraries like Twitter4j (although we love that the community creates them!) - if you need additional support you might want to check with other Java developers or the library author.


Hello can you show me how to reply with video usimg twitter4j?