Simple and Straight foward Example of v1.1 and PHP? No add ons, scripts or anything. Just a file with the code what is needed to display 5 tweets


Just a file with the code what is needed to display 5 tweets. I tried Abraham. Red about it on Github. And for me its everything but clear how to actually program it.

  • What do i use REST API v1.1 or do i use API v1.1 ?
  • We got callback.php. What is a callback url for and how does it work?
  • Abraham is starting with a session_start(); Why ?
  • When i fill in the tokens in the config.php all i get is a redirect to connect.php

Welcome to a Twitter OAuth PHP example.

This site is a basic showcase of Twitters OAuth authentication method. If you are having issues try clearing your session.

Links: Source Code & Documentation | Contact @abraham

  • When i try to login to twitter i get redirected to redirect.php with the message

Could not connect to Twitter. Refresh the page or try again later.

What am i missing. Do i really have to have so many files and rubbish to get the 5 last tweets of an account ?

Thank you for the help.