Signing in with twitter for WPF Application (Desktop)


Hello Team,

I am creating a WPF application in which i am using signing in
functionality with other social networks.

From last 3 days, I have tried all possible api’s and they are not
supporting WPF namespaces as they support for windows phone and

So I want api support just for Sign in with twitter for WPF
application(Desktop Application not browser based) and if possible then
code or a guideline to implement will be a bonus for me.

Thanks in advance for help.


Issue is resolved…so Please close this thread.


How did you do that? I’m going in deep into Twitterized2 , but I’m not able to complete all the steps required to get the things working… thanks


And i have the same problem can you told me how to resolve it ?


every attempt to login redirects me to Twitter mobile link with blank screen. suggestions?


still not working.


Same problem for me. I have entered the username and password but when i tried to sign in redirection is not happening.I don’t know how to set the callback url for a wpf application?
Any suggestions???


Which client library are you using? Are you able to provide any example code?