Signature Base String Oddities %252C?


So I’m trying to get user information for 3 users. Here is the example GET,48485771,41754227

Using the OAuth tool it tells me that the signature base string should be the following:


I understand how it works as I’ve used this plenty of times and had success. However, when I try to send a comma separated list the signature base puts a %252C between each number. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to come up with the same base. Doing a Uri.EscapeDataString on the query would yield just a %25 between each number. Where is this 2C coming from???


  • jeff


The base string components wind up being encoded twice. The comma is encoded as %2C when the individual parameter values are encoded. Then that gets converted to %252C when the entire list of sorted parameters is encoded again. So it sounds like you’re not encoding the comma correctly when encoding each parameter value.