Sign in with Twitter using an iFrame


Hello, I am trying to replicate functionality related to twitter as seen on this page
On that page a user can click on the Twitter link, a popup comes for the authentication and when the user finishes signing in the popup goes away and control returns to the main page. From there you can send invitations to followers.

I cannot figure out how they do that; when I create a popup and redirect to Twitter, after signing in the process continues in the popup, not on my website.

I tried to use fancybox to make all this process work within an iframe, but I get the following error: Load denied by X-Frame-Options: does not permit cross-origin framing.

Any ideas on how to approach this?


I am facing same issue, if you found solution can you please help me with it?


I’m kinda facing the same issue. Have you found a solution yet?


me too