Sign in with Twitter - Enabling Automatic Login


I am developing an application that uses the ‘Sign in with Twitter’ button. I’d like to be able to automatically log Twitter users into my app if they are currently logged into Twitter and have authorized my application. In other words, these users should be immediately redirected to a personalized homepage without ever having seen the ‘Sign in with Twitter’ button. To do this, I need to check whether or not a user is logged into Twitter.

Facebook Connect and Google+ Sign-In both offer comparable functionality:

Google+ Sign-In: “When the button is loaded on the web, it immediately checks to see if the user has authorized the application. This check is called “immediate mode” and if successful, the Google servers return an access token and pass a new authorization result object to the callback.” (

Facebook Connect: "Apps using our SDKs can check whether someone has already logged in using built-in functions. " (

Does Twitter offer something similar? I’ve found a few suggestions to the contrary, but they all date from several years ago: (4/3/12) "Essentially, you have no way of knowing whether the user visiting your site is a user of Twitter or not." (7/25/11) “It’s not possible to detect whether an end user is logged in to Twitter.”

Any help would be much appreciated.