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At the moment we’re building a website with also a sign in with twitter button. I would like to test this on our local development machines. But this seems not to be working.

When I try some simple code for a connect button, it works on one of our servers for which I changed some settings in apps-config section on dev.twitter-site. But when I try to test the same code on my development machine (visual studio 2010, webserver: localhost:1748), it doesn’t.

I assume it has something to do with the app-settings. Can anyone tell me how to configure my app on so that I can test my website local?



Are you using @Anywhere or the full OAuth flow? If you’re using @Anywhere, you may need to use host aliasing when testing in your local environment. If you’re using OAuth 1.0a, you need to send a dynamic oauth_callback on the oauth/request_token pointing at your local environment.



Thanks for your respons. I’m using following testcode:

If I need to use ‘host aliasing’, can you tell me how to do that?



Anyone suggestion? How do I use the host aliasing to get this working locally?




Implementing sign in with twitter using the localhost.:
While trying to update the Call back url: as http://localhost/sign_in_with_twitter/
It says URL invalid format.
@anywhere.js was giving javascript error -exception thrown and not caught.
Please suggest me how local host can be set for implementing sign in with twitter.


“host aliasing” in this context just means (in UNIX environments) editing your /etc/hosts file such that a valid domain like “” points to your own local machine ( ) instead of the Internet.


@Anywhere requires the use of publicly accessible non-localhost domain names to function. Make sure you’ve registered one or more domains (first with the callback URL in your app record, then additional ones with the “domains” feature) and alias your hosts if necessary.


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hi @episod Taylor Singletary
i am develop one application in phonegap andrid. and this application use sign in with twitter. but code is not working…
an u send me code in javascript…