Showing or embedding media entities inline when displaying tweets?


Hello everyone,

I’m looking for clarification on the display requirements for a tweet, specifically with displaying media inline

Currently, when you use and come across a photo, the image is hidden behind a “Show Photo” link, as you see here:

Which then expands and displays the photo inline with the tweet, like this:

We’re working with a startup that is pulling in tweets via the streaming API, and displaying it on their website. We’re following the guidelines for displaying a tweet as outlined here:

But we’ve run into an ambiguity when dealing with media entities and displaying tweets.

In a nutshell, is there any rule against immediately displaying an image inline in the page, or can we only link to the image? As in, can we do something like this:

Or should we hide it a la twitter with Show/Hide Photo button, or is the only way we can display images inline the way outlined here:

where we have to overlay the text on top of the image.

If we can display the image inline with the tweet, are we allowed to hotlink to the original media_url, or should we be rehosting the image?


I notice here:

Under “Online (developers and microsite campaigns)” it’s listed as saying

“Display the associated Tweet and attribution with images or media. In multiple-image galleries or scenic integrations, Tweets can be displayed via hover or touch interaction.”

I’m not quite sure what scenic integration means, but multiple-image galleries doesn’t seem to cover single images, available through the [“entities”][“media”][“media_url”] json (one of the tweet entities here:

It also is confusing – are you saying if we are displaying media galleries on a site, we can display the tweet by hovering over one of the images, or by touch/clicking the image?