Show unicode characters in the tweet popup textbox instead of the encoded Hexadecimal representation



In my website I have a capability for my users to tweet by clicking a button, which opens the twitters popup. The message to tweet is dynamically generated by my web site and contains some unicode characters in the hexadecimal format like for $ it is $ For the Indian Rs symbol it is ₹. In the textbox it appears as the hexadecimal code and not teh actual symbol. In the above example they show $ or ₹.

Is there anyway to get the twitter popup to show the symbol in the text box.


  • Jaideep


What’s the exact HTML you’re using to invoke the Tweet Button in this case?


how can do it??


We open a new window the following way‘…&text=’ + encodeURIComponent(‘Message to tweet is …with the unicode character: ₹ …’), …)


Are you literally passing a HTML entity in there? You should be passing the literal UTF-8 character (and properly percent-encoded for the URL context you’re presenting in). Tweets can be shown in many places beyond HTML, so passing an HTML entity doesn’t make sense really.

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