Show embedded tweet without JavaScript?


The script tag is disabled for my blog. Is there any other way of embedding the tweet other than copy/pasting the image snapshot and then linking to!/{user}/status/{tweetId} ?



The embed code for the tweet has fallback behavior for environments without Javascript – you lose some of the functionality since the tweet’s validity won’t be verified via Javascript, but the HTML chosen for the embed code should fallback smoothly.


Is this why the embedded tweets don’t work on the Iphone when viewing the website in safari ?


Embedded Tweets should work fine on iPhone; I use them them a lot there myself!

The script tag thing is sometimes problematic if you paste it into a CMS, since they sometimes filter the code. The three solution attempts I’d recommend are:

  1. If you can, put a link a widgets-js in your blog template, which won’t go through the same CMS input filters and ensures that you only need to include the script tag once in the page (improving performance.)

  2. If your CMS supports OEmbed and knows about Twitter’s API, you may be able to use a feature where simply pasting in the Tweet URL will be converted into an embed.

  3. If your CMS has a rich-text editor and a raw HTML editor, try pasting the code in the HTML editor, as sometimes the characters get escaped as part of the automatic formatting in rich editors.


So: I use blogger and im trying to copy and paste the twitter button : at the end of each post, i place it as html, and the first time i go into the blog to see it, the button is just fine , but when i change post and go back to the first one the button has dissapeard an has been replaced by writing that says : follow @username no button any more. Can someone help pls ?

This is what i copied and pasted from the twitter webpage:

Seguir a @username


I have a question why when pasting code from the twitter app on your blog, get information from the code contains errors which need to improve the application to run properly, you open … wiew page source … I can see clearly from the code actually contains errors and changed the color of the red part of the code, but the code is generated on twiter so I do not know what can be improved here, maybe someone can tell me where I have to look for answers to this problem so that the code worked with blogger correctly and without problems from Thanks in advance max

This part of the code is red which means it contains errors

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