Should I be using the Streaming API?


Hi, I’m just getting started with the Twitter API, and I’m very excited but a bit confused about how to set up my app. Thanks in advance for your help and patience!

I’m creating a web app that will do several tweet searches (for pre-determined keywords) every time a user visits the site. I don’t want to require users to log in to Twitter. As I understand it, not asking users to authenticate means I’ll need to rely on application-only authentication, thereby limiting the number of queries I can make to only a few hundred per 15 min window.

What can I do to avoid hitting my rate limit while using app-only auth? Should I run a search script via a cron job, store the result in a database, and just pull the tweets from my own database when displaying results to the user? If this is the way to go, should I be using the Streaming API to do this?

Again, thanks for your help!