Shortened URL linking to Tweet does not show preview on Twitter



If I post the following link on Twitter, a nice preview will be generated:

However, if I shorten this link and post it (, there is no preview anymore on Twitter.

This seems to happen only on Twitter URLs (if I shorten a link to another domain with hosts appropriate meta-data, the preview will show correctly).

Is this behaviour intended by Twitter or is-this a bug?

Thank you!



What you’re demonstrating is Quote Tweet preview behaviour. If you include the link to a Tweet at the end of a Tweet, the original Tweet is quoted. I’m not surprised that link shorteners may not work with this pattern.


Thanks for your answer.

We have a mobile app and are interested in collecting data to see how our shared items perform on Twitter, including Tweets shared.

Does Twitter offer a solution to meet this goal?


Not entirely clear on how this relates to the initial question about previews…

There’s no comprehensive way to do this via the public API (unless you listen for something identifiable using a filter on the streaming API). Otherwise, you could use the (commercial) Gnip APIs to introspect Tweets containing your items over time.